The Reality of the Rulers: Conspiracies, Old and New

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2 thoughts on “The Reality of the Rulers: Conspiracies, Old and New

  1. Undine says:

    Oh, I’m used to seeing much stranger things than reptilian hybrids on YouTube…

    I’m not familiar with Icke, and I haven’t studied “conspiracy theories” in any great depth, but it sounds like his books are a somewhat more, uh, unorthodox offshoot from the Zecharia Sitchin/Gods of Eden school…perhaps he took the “Brotherhood of the Snake” story a bit too literally.

    In any case, good video. Hope to see more of them.

    • Thanks Undine! Your support, as always, is appreciated. *laughs* I’m glad that the perpetually squeaking floorboards and “um”s like punctuations marks weren’t too off-putting. I still don’t know if I should make these things more scripted or just practice being more articulate when speaking off the cuff.

      I’m not particularly well versed in these areas myself, though I know a bit about Erich von Däniken.
      The mother of a friend of mine gave me a copy of Icke’s encyclopedia when I was traveling out in British Columbia last summer. My father’s father was a Freemason for fifty years. While they may have had a great deal of political clout in the nineteenth century, it still seems to me that they largely exist now as a nothing more sinister than a networking club for lonely old white men and the young, up-and-coming politicians who aspire to their particular brand of solitude.

      Still, I am deeply interested in the various psychological/spiritual/political similarities between late antiquity and the present though, and both the Freemasons and Icke display some remarkable resonances.

      Thanks again for watching!



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