Black Metal Meals and Other Food for Thought

Considering myself more of a scavenger by nature than anything close to a proper chef I’ve nevertheless become intrigued by the various gimmicks that cooking shows employ to attract an audience to a delicious, if sometimes tedious aspect of daily life. It started with Iron Chef, the Japanese cooking program that combined zany melodrama with all the intensity of a samurai showdown. For all of its importance, and all that we eat, we don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about food, our relationship to it or where it comes from. It even seems a rarity when we get the chance to really try and enjoy a meal with the epicurean zeal that can turn an unreflective necessity into a truly pleasant experience.

Again, however, Japanese culture presents some interesting exceptions, in Anime, where so often the motivation of main characters is driven by the basic necessity to eat (a comparatively rare motivation in most western cartoons), to the comedic excesses of the movie Tampopo (A “ramen western”, and possibly the strangest Japanese film I have ever seen), to the austere rituals surrounding tea ceremonies and the preparation of Sushi, and especially that dangerous favouret, Fugu.

The above clip is likewise on the odd end of things, combining black metal aesthetics and intensity with vegan meals. It is silly, and hopefully enjoyable.

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