Emilie Autumn, March 15th 2011, Toronto

It was a delight to be able to attend an Emilie Autumn concert this Tuesday at the Mod Club. Apparently it was the second to last time that this particular series of acts will be put on since she has many new and exciting things planed for future shows.

Not only a event of victorindustrial musical might, Emilie and her Bloody Crumpets: Captain Maggot, The Blessed Contessa and The Naughty Veronica performed a dramatic, interactive and burlesque series of skits to go along with it. There were stilts, cannibalism, fire, swords and spoons and “tea” and an occasional barrage of cupcakes for the audience below. There was also a great deal of extra tea and chewed cookies for the people closest to the stage, not my cup of strange, but the ladies in front seemed quite enthused.

The opening was particularly well done, and showed a careful and lovingly choreographed sense of the epic as each of the bloody crumpets emerged from behind a screen within a decrepit clock with Emilie emerging last, masked and sporting a rat’s tail, uncanny and charming at once.

Sometimes it is possible to get the feeling that Emilie doesn’t like men. Considering her history it is sad and understandable, but it’s also clear that she’s actively works against this broad sentiment, and it is a testament to her bravery and endurance. During Tuesday’s performance, she took a little time to comment on how great it was that there were now so many male plague rats, which was great, and they were welcome to the asylum any time, the only difference is they don’t get to stay the night.

I’ve picked up a copy of Emilie’s book, and hope to write a review of it when my academic duties permit, but until then remember ladies and gentlemen, spread the plague, and enjoy your tea.

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