Statistically Tentacled, the Giant Squid and You

Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World: Monsters of the Deep (1980)

Statistics can drive you mad if you let them, so naturally, when I first switched over to WordPress from BlogSpot I was both delighted and disconcerted to learn all the various ways I can keep track of viewer interest in The Starry Messenger. Still, some interesting trends have emerged over the months, the most striking of all is the sheer number of people who are lured to these pages through the less than innocuous channel of the giant squid.

I’ve tried to keep my own chaotic corner of the internet as eclectic, dare I say eccentric as possible, but over fifty percent of the thousands of hits the site has received since its creation have been directly related to my cephelopodian benefactor. Something about giant squid, or the people who are interested in them, cause more people than any other topic to navigate here, rather than passing over the strangely titled articles on Faust, Monboddo or some esoteric artist. While I suppose this could have been expected, it wasn’t.

Today I’d like to tilt my hat to all those who’ve come here seeking mysteries of a deep and tentacled nature with this 1980s mini-documentary narrated by Arthur C. Clark as part of his World of Wonder series. They hadn’t captured living footage of one yet, nor did they know about the giant squid’s heftier relative the colossal squid, so the aura of mystery is even more profound for them than us.


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