The Soviet Block

Despite myself, being Canadian, I still feel a strange resonance with Russian culture and history. Perhaps its the snow, the Montreal-based film “The Trotsky”, or the socialism, or maybe even the chronic angst that emanates from nations in constant danger of fracturing, physically and psychologically because they simply don’t make sense. Probably the last one, though.

Does Putin worry me? Yes. In general the political situation in Russia has been frightening and difficult for at least the past hundred years, but the sense of identity and history to emerge from this maelstrom is quite remarkable. From Mendeleev to  Dostoevsky, from Rasputin to Nabokov, and many more if you also include the Russian diaspora. As readers of this blog have noted, I’ve also had an illiterate eye on the occult art emerging from this corner of the world.

In any event, here are some resources to delight and terrify.

For More Information:


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