Judas Preist

I’ve come relatively late to Judas Priest, having stumbled across the concept album “Nostradamus” in one of my random outings to the public library. Overall I’m quite fond of it, though the lyrics are sometimes a little clumsy. Historical rock tends to be of a more intelligent and symphonic nature, though I lament the all-too-frequent use of drum machines in an attempt to increase the tempo.

As for Nostradamus. He really was an interesting character, even being skeptical of his prophetic gifts. A doctor who fought the plague, who explicitly rejected identifying himself as a “prophet”, despite accepting a role as a “seer”, and an unfortunate middle man in a number of political intrigues in his native France. I only really have a problem with people nowadays who try and use his writings to “prove” that Saddam Hussein was an anti-Christ, and other such follies.

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