Blood Ceremony

Combining the pan pipes with synthetic keyboards, classic rock and occult themes, the Toronto based band Blood Ceremony is certainly one of the more interesting finds I made while ransacking the public library system this summer.

Reminiscent of Crimson King with pagan undertones, the band describes itself as: “anti-war, but pro-horror. Standing before the crimson altar, our minds melted as we gazed into the cosmic eye. Now we slay the stages of the universe with heavy riffs, paranoia-inducing trills and ’70s fills.”

There is the unmistakable air of hammer horror in their aesthetics, campy, perhaps a little schlock, but self-consciously so and reveling in it. You only need to look at the poster below, a remix of the movie advertisement for the 1973 – good – version of the Wicker Man with Christopher Lee.

At present it doesn’t seem as if the band has emerged fully formed from out of the subculture underworld, but it’s uniqueness and powerful nostalgic dread will no doubt serve it well as it continues to develop.

From the band's Myspace page.

For More Information:


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