A Babel of Eastern European Art

Interesting things are happening in the world of Eastern European art, particularly in the area of the esoteric and the darker. I’ve already written about Serge Sunne, but my attention has recently been drawn to the unsettling religious work of Vladislav Provotorov. Some of his images are hosted on the Russian website Metakultura. Perhaps fittingly, many of Provotorov’s images feature the Tower of Babel. In this particular image we see an interesting mixing of biblical metaphors; Noah’s Ark resting atop the tower in an ominous sky. And monsters too have their place in Provotorov’s works. Often, they are melded or molded into buildings, often again the Tower of Babel. There is allegory here, no doubt. Not only a confusion of tongues, but also of matter and form itself. There is something baroque in these images, cluttered, but engaging, artificial, but organic.

I’ve recently stumbled on some text relating the history of Russia, the occult and esoteric Christianity. I probably don’t have time just yet to pursue these studies, but if the occult played a role in the Russian revolution that it did in the French and American ones, then I dare say there may just be a pattern there that may just transcend this confusion of words and ideas. But that will have to wait, for another day.

For More Information:



The Occult in Russian and Soviet Culture


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