Beneath the Moon

Beneath the Moon is a graphic novel that I wrote some years ago, but have never successfully found a suitable author to help me get it published. Some suggest that I abandon trying to get the work made in this way, that it would be easier to re-write it as a novel, but I believe, perhaps stubbornly, that it was meant for this medium more so than any other.

Here’s a brief overview of the beginning that I’ve used on occasion to attempt to “sell’ the idea to artists:

“Matthew O’Byrne, a burnt out recluse who was once prominent in the east coast arts scene for his works on synisthesia spends his days tricking people into preserving his solitude, brooding over his redundancy, or drinking with the one person as aware of his own redundancy as himself, Paul Montainge a wealthy heir who fills his time with literature and parties.

Then there is Dr. Sverre Winograd, the awkward single father and ingenious computer scientist. He is the lead developer of Zeroth, a prototype of a recursive self-improving AI program designed to initiate a technological singularity and go beyond the limits of human thought. Plagued by the untimely death of his wife, he broods on the memory of what was lost, and puts all his energy into his work and in supporting his synestheatic daughter, Cara Winograd.

The development of Zeroth takes an unexpected turn when Dr. Winograd tries to unify these two segments of his life. When introduced to Zeroth Cara asks the question: “what does the colour neon-pink taste like?” Zeroth perceives that this question surpasses any she has been asked before and becomes driven to find a way to find the answer. Matthew, given his work and insight into the human mind, then seems as likely a candidate as any.”

Oh, how I long for the day when I can see this work complete, but to stay true to it I’ll probably have to wait until I get a larger, more conventional repertoire of publications behind me.


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